Leadership Gold Online Coaching Program offers the best of the best, the tried-and-true leadership lessons from America’s leadership expert, Dr. John C. Maxwell. Based on his classic book – LEADERSHIP GOLD, this one-on-one leadership coaching program brings key insights from Maxwell’s forty years of leading.

In whatever level and season of leadership you are in, the Leadership Gold Online Coaching Program can help you become a better leader and create better results. It is all about helping you win.

How Leadership Gold Online Coaching Program Can Help You:

  • Doing it online will help you easily join each session from almost anywhere – be it your office, home, or even while traveling
  • It provides you a platform to receive insights, feedback and support for you to deal with your challenges, goals and dreams head on
  • It gives you the confidence and privacy of one-on-one coaching
  • It helps you to identify your blind spots
  • It helps you to break self-limiting beliefs
  • It reveals and heightens your awareness about your own potential and innate capabilities (some of which may surprise you)
  • It helps you to develop and sharpen your leadership skills
  • It helps you to enhance your core leadership competencies
  • It helps you to create a customized system for creating maximum results

Coaching Program Curriculum Focus Areas:

Session 1: If It’s Lonely at the Top, You’re Not Doing Something Right

Session 2: The Toughest Person to Lead is Always Yourself

Session 3: Defining Moments Define Your Leadership

Session 4: When You Get Kicked in the Rear, You Know You’re Out in Front

Session 5: Never Work a Day in Your Life

Session 6: The Best Leaders Are Listeners

Session 7: Get In the Zone and Stay There

Session 8: A Leader’s First Responsibility Is to Define Reality

Session 9: To See How the Leader Is Doing, Look at the People

Session 10: Don’t Send Your Ducks to Eagle School

Session 11: Keep Your Mind on the Main Thing

Session 12: Your Biggest Mistake Is Not Asking What mistake You’re Making

Session 13: Don’t Manage Your Time – Manage Your Life

Session 14: Keep Learning to Keep Leading

Session 15: Leaders Distinguish Themselves During Tough Times

Session 16: People Quit People, Not Companies

Session 17: Experience Is Not the Best Teacher

Session 18: The Secret to a Good Meeting Is the Meeting Before the Meeting

Session 19: Be a Connector, Not Just a Climber

Session 20: The Choices You Make, Make You

Session 21: Influence Should Be Loaned but Never Given

Session 22: Those Who Start the Journey With You Seldom Finish With You

Session 23: Few Leaders Are Successful Unless a Lot of People Want Them to Be

Session 24: People Will Summarize Your Life in One Sentence – Pick It Now

Four Package Options & Duration:

  • BRONZE: 3 months | 1st- 6th session of the Coaching Curriculum
  • SILVER: 6 months | 1st- 12th session of the Coaching Curriculum
  • GOLD: 9 months | 1st- 18th session of the Coaching Curriculum
  • PLATINUM: 12 months | all 24 sessions of the Coaching Curriculum

* For all packages, one-on-one sessions are held for 60 minutes two times a month.

* Sessions are done via Skype, phone, or other internet-based apps.

Facilitating Coach:

Joe Abraham is a Certified Coach in the field of Leadership Development. With twenty years of rich experience in developing people potential, he is passionate about providing leaders the breakthrough insights and inspiration they need to thrive in today’s fast-changing global scenario. He is a Member of The John Maxwell Team (USA).

Client Feedback From Similar Coaching Program:

Conversations with Joe are always insightful. He makes you reflect and discover the leader in you. – Karthik Madhava, Co-founder & Vice President, Products & Alliances at Lavelle Networks

Next Step:

To know more about joining the Leadership Gold Online Coaching Program, send a request right away to contact@inspolife.com