A training workshop to help team members enhance their ability to work together effectively for optimum performance.


  • Half-day | One full-day

How this Workshop helps team members:
It aims to help them in the following areas:

  • Enhance self-awareness as value-adding team members
  • Promote team member core values and character
  • Develop ability to handle differences
  • Develop fortitude to handle high pressure situations
  • Embrace a mindset of continuous growth and excellence

Basic structure of Workshop (for one full-day):

  • Session 1: Developing self-awareness as value-adding team members
  • Session 2: Developing team member core values and character
  • Session 3: Developing ability to handle difficult people and situations
  • Session 4: Developing a winning team culture

Tools provided:

  • Assessment docs
  • Worksheets
  • Personal reflection exercises
  • Team work enhancement activities
  • Certificate of participation


“The Workshop got me thinking about myself. I understood some areas which need improvement in myself. I was reminded to focus on what I already have. I was motivated to do things better in spite of the odds. It was a great break from regular work. You did  great job in helping us to improve as a team.” – Ciby

“The Workshop was excellent. I learned the true meaning of leadership, how to find our niche, how to identify leadership qualities, how to handle difficult people, and how to handle criticism. I also got to know about the 10 good qualities within me.” – Durga

The Workshop was enriching in building team spirit. I felt nice to realize that each of us is a leader. It was a good platform for bonding with all team members. I could identify my strengths through the activity sessions.” – Shirly

The Workshop was good, useful and informative. I learned that communication is a very important aspect of a team member. Team members should care for each other, inspire, encourage, and support other members of a team.” – Helen


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